EASD 2020

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Sex differences in cardiometabolic risk factors, pharmacological treatment and risk factor control in type 2 diabetes: findings from the Dutch ... Diabetes Pearl cohort.

Does @FreeStyleLibre improve TIR in #type2diabetes with recent MI?

Results from Phase RCT2b - LIBERATES trial
- Small non-sig (17 min/24h) ⤵️ ... in TIR
- ⤵️ in hypoglycaemia over time
- No diff in HbA1c/MACE

Enough to suggest it is worth a phase 3 trial.


Once-weekly insulin icodec has similar glucose-lowering efficacy & safety profile to once-daily insulin glargine U100 in T2 diabetes

Paper ... online


As I warm up for the #EASD2020 a salient reminder of the ⤵️ life expectancy people with #type1diabetes & #type2diabetes face.

Data from the ... 🇬🇧 @DiabetesAudit & @ONS

Women lose more years than men
- T1D ♀️⤵️ 8.5 yrs
- T1D ♂️⤵️ 7.5 yrs
- T2D ♀️⤵️ 2.0 yrs
- T2D ♂️⤵️ 1.4 yrs

Effects of once-weekly subcutaneous #semaglutide on #kidney function and safety in patients with type 2 #diabetes: a post-hoc analysis of the #SUSTAIN... 1–7 randomised controlled trials #T2D #EASD2020