An Interrupted Time Series Analysis to Determine the Effect of an Electronic Health Record-Based Intervention on Appropriate Screening for Type 2 Diabetes in Urban Primary Care Clinics in New York City


To determine the impact of a health system–wide primary care diabetes management system, which included targeted guidelines for type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and prediabetes (dysglycemia) screening, on detection of previously undiagnosed dysglycemia cases.


Intervention included electronic health record (EHR)–based decision support and standardized providers and staff training for using the American Diabetes Association guidelines for dysglycemia screening. Using EHR data, we identified 40,456 adults without T2DM or recent screening with a face-to-face visit (March 2011–December 2013) in five urban clinics. Interrupted time series analyses examined the impact of the intervention on trends in three outcomes: 1) monthly proportion of eligible patients receiving dysglycemia testing, 2) two negative comparison conditions (dysglycemia testing among ineligible patients and cholesterol screening), and 3) yield of undiagnosed dysglycemia among those tested.


Baseline monthly proportion of eligible patients receiving testing was 7.4–10.4%. After the intervention, screening doubled (mean increase + 11.0% [95% CI 9.0, 13.0], proportion range 18.6–25.3%). The proportion of ineligible patients tested also increased (+5.0% [95% CI 3.0, 8.0]) with no concurrent change in cholesterol testing (+0% [95% CI –0.02, 0.05]). About 59% of test results in eligible patients showed dysglycemia both before and after the intervention.


Implementation of a policy for systematic dysglycemia screening including formal training and EHR templates in urban academic primary care clinics resulted in a doubling of appropriate testing and the number of patients who could be targeted for treatment to prevent or delay T2DM.

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